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Listen from 7-8pm on Mondays at

Chill and vibey with some low-hype indie rock

Indie acoustic and rock, low energy, perfect for relaxing.

Indie Rock-Pop with Beck, St. Vincent, and Weezer!

Get hyped up with an indie electric/rock playlist that'll help ya get through the week! 

Take a listen to the playlist for the third show of the semester. This playlist features a laid-back indie vibe and with contemporary soul themes.

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Check out the playlist for the second show of the semester. 

Check the link to my Spotify playlist for the first show of the semester

Link to a complete playlist featuring all the songs played during the Spring 2018 Semester.



This is the site to stay up to date with my radio show at WVAU, you can find my personal blog with my resume, a list of independently produced articles, and some of my published work at


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